Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What are your thoughts?

With all that's been happening in Japan, I'm curious to know how everyone feels about nuclear power. Do you think it's a good idea? A bad Idea? Why?

Are you against nuclear power plants?


  1. Hopefully future plants will be a lot safer.

    We need alternative energy to come from somewhere however...

    Until cold fusion!

  2. hahaha 4 different votes so far...
    I think they are needed for humanity to survive...

  3. Put simply, they aren't failsafe and I'm not convinced that the waste generated is 'sustainable'.

    They say that fossil fuel use has burdened the younger generations of today, just think what we'll leave for the generations after us - nuclear waste!

  4. It's a hard thing to choose because all the alternatives are ALSO dangerous but also polluting.

  5. Sorry, I dont have enough knowledge on the matter to put forward a legitimate vote! look forward to seeing the results tho

  6. Nuclear power is the best energy all-around out there. There is more radiation around coal-burning facilities than around nuclear power generators, who would've thought that, huh?.

    Also, sure it's really dangerous the 1-every-15-years accident. But how many people die every year to contamination-related diseases?. Not to mention the incredible damage that's being done to the enviroment.

    Until mankind can master Fusion, fission (today's nuclear plants) is the only way to go.

  7. ok so 1 every 15 year accident right but Chernobyl happened what? 25 years ago? the catastrophic event that followed endured for many years, so yeah a tragedy 1 every 15 years is to much of a tradeoff for isnt worth it, neither is fossil fuels for that matter but THE WORLDS ECONOMY comes first hand than the worlds well being. Thats politics for you.